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One Surprisingly Good Way to Use the Two-Minute Rule

Remember the two-minute rule? In other words, “if there’s something you need to do that will take two minutes or less, do it right away”? It’s a real productivity boost that anyone can do right off the bat. But there’s something else the two minute rule can do for you. Read more

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To Succeed, You Must Have Discipline

I’ve heard a famous entrepreneur say that to succeed in business, you must have discipline. That entrepreneur was David Rockefeller, one of the pioneers of the United States oil industry. How about you? Do you believe so too?

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6 Habits of an Effective UK Home Business Owner

In the medical world, doctors have their patients undergo tests before diagnosis and prescribing treatments. They have to first know what the patients need before proceeding with any treatment. In the business world, it’s practically the same thing. Before entrepreneurs can decide anything on what product to sell for their UK home business, they must consider the needs of their clients. The consumers’ needs must always be the top priority.

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UK home business ideas start first with a vision, which eventually becomes a reality when coupled with persistence and hard work. Read more