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Small Business Tips in UK: Finding Your Niche in the Market

Looking for small business tips in UK? Finding your niche market and establishing a clear picture is very important to the overall health of your business. Unfortunately, finding your niche can be very tricky since you can list all your passions and interests but still fail to point out one main thing that you were meant for.

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While it’s important to carry out your due diligence, it’s good to get up and start doing something. By doing this, you can enter the market, test out your ideas and know what works and what doesn’t work. In case you are struggling, these steps will help you in finding your niche in small business tips in UK.

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5 Things To Measure Your Commitment

Are you starting an online business and looking for small business tips and home business ideas? If you are, then congratulations! There is a reason you stumbled upon this article, and that is, you want to find answers to the basic questions confronting most first-time entrepreneurs.

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It’s time for your to STOP GAMBLING and START TRADING

My Biz Tips is proud to announce its latest product coming very soon!

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Online Business Idea in the UK: Make Money on Craigslist {Video}

Yes, you can make money on craigslist. In fact, using craigslist is a good online business idea in the UK. In this video, you will learn the different small business tips on how you can earn money on craigslist.

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Craigslist is an online advertising site where you can various things, from cameras to golf clubs. It’s also a good place to things you no longer need. It allows you to make money out of the things you’re no longer using while helping other people find things they need at cheaper prices.

The 5 tips in this video will tell you briefly some of the things you should do on Craigslist to make the most out of your ads.


Following these simple tips, you definitely can start making money through this online business idea in the UK. You may also read a more detailed explanation on how to make money through Craigslist here

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Top 5 Things You’ll Discover in Starting an Online Business in the UK

Starting an online business in the UK could be the best thing that ever happen to you. It could be a stepping stone for more success to come to your life. Read more

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AUTHOR’S PICK: Starting an Online Business in the UK on Clickbank: Picking Products

It’s time for another Author’s Pick weekend!

This week, we will talk about a few UK home business ideas that you can do online. These are:

  1. Writing articles
  2. Clickbank

Yesterday, we talked about how you can earn passive income from writing articles. You can read it here.

Today, we will talk about using Clickbank to find products for starting an online business in the UK. Read more


Of course, everyone running a business wants to make profits. That’s the ultimate goal whether you’re still starting an online business in the UK or an established corporation in London. If you’re willing to learn the techniques on how to make money, your home business in UK can be the next big thing in the industry.

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Below are the top 7 tips for starting an online business in the UK. There’s no way for you not to have financial freedom when you follow these tips.

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In the medical world, doctors have their patients undergo tests before they can come up with a diagnosis. Once they have the test results, only then can they determine the medications or the therapy that the patients have to comply. Thus, they have to know what the patients need before proceeding with the next step, which is the kind of treatment.

In the business world, it’s practically the same thing. Before an entrepreneur can decide anything on what product to sell for his home based business, he must consider the needs of his clients. Hence, the consumers’ needs must be the topmost priority.

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Home business ideas in the UK start with a vision, which eventually becomes a reality as long as it is coupled with hard work and persistence. Read more

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I hope everyone had  a great week!

It’s weekend and its time for an Author’s pick! Aside from my favourite infographic and explainer videos section of my blog, this portion gives me the chance to choose which article I would like to share to you.

This weekend, our focus will be some tips on how to create your own product.

how to create your own product

Do you have this perception that in starting an online business, a unique idea alone is enough to create a successful product? Do you believe that once you have an idea, you can already start your product line and expect profits thereafter?

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The success of a business correlates with the goals that have been set.

This means that if you set SMART goals, then your chance of starting a successful business is high. So are you planning to set up a home based business?

If yes then below are different ways to set goals and expand them to your personal and business world.

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  1. Determine your goals in life

When setting goals, it is very important to ask yourself important questions like what do you want to achieve in life and by when. Read more