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AUTHOR’S PICK: Making Money through Clickbank for Online Businesses in the UK

It’s time for another Author’s Pick Weekend! This week, we’ll be talking about two online platforms you can use to start an online business in the UK through affiliate marketing:

  1. AdMarketplace
  2. Clickbank

Yesterday, we talked about AdMarketplace (read about it here in case you missed it). Today, we’ll discuss another way of earning money through affiliate marketing, which is through Clickbank.

online businesses in the UK

Again, in case you missed it, this is basically what affiliate marketing is all about. When you’re an affiliate, you promote another company’s products. In return, you get a commission or a cut of the profit for every sale the company makes through your promotions. It’s a very easy way to make money online, so it’s a good idea for an online business in the UK.

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