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Make Videos the Easy Way through Screencasting

Other than online marketing, there is a way to take advantage of video for your UK online business. You can use it to provide useful tutorials, and people love learning through video. This is through what’s called screencasting.

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3 Things Your Website Needs to be Effective

Gone are the days of traditional media (i.e. television, radio, and print) dominating the advertising realm. Though they are still useful today, there is something far better. Thanks to our connected world, the greatest advertising tool you have is your website.

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What’s the Deal with a Call to Action?

It’s everywhere. You see all these buttons and forms labeled “Buy Now” or “Email Us”, “Sign Up for our Newsletter”, or anything along those lines. Every online business has these so-called Call to Action fields, and they’re there for a reason.

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Why Split Testing is Important

In a previous article, I mentioned why you should have more than one affiliate link. It involves split testing, which allows you to experiment with different ways of marketing to your clients.

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