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AUTHOR’S PICK: Create A Product in 5 Easy Steps

This weekend’s Author’s Picks will focus on some of the inner workings of your UK small business. Today, we’ll discuss creating your product. No, not manufacturing, but what goes on before that. Read more

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The 5 Steps of Creating a Product

So you have a unique idea. An idea that you think will make millions for your UK home business. The question now is, “Will the product be successful?” Can you just go ahead with creating a product straightaway, and expect the money to pour in afterwards? Read more

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5 Marks of a Competitive Product [Infographic]

Welcome to our Wednesday Infographic! Today’s topic is creating a competitive product for your UK small business.

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5 Tips on Creating a Product for your UK Home Business {Infographic}

Welcome to another Wednesday Infographic! Today’s topic covers five quick tips on creating a product for your UK home business.

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