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3 Tips for Adding After-Sales Value to Your UK Small Business

How do you see your UK small business? Of course, it’s about selling your product or service. But does it end there? If that’s how you see it, I challenge you to think again.

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3 Ways to Improve Brand Recognition

In a previous article, we discussed why brand recognition is important for your business. The more people know about you, the greater your potential client base. Read more

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AUTHOR’S PICK: 5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Yesterday’s Author’s Pick talked about 7 things you can do to grow your UK small business. Today, I’ll give you some tips to drive more traffic to your website.

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AUTHOR’S PICK: 7 Ways to Grow Your UK Small Business

How are you spending your weekend? Taking the time to relax? Or are you one of the few who choose to be extra productive? If you’re the latter, then certainly you would like this weekend’s set of Author’s Picks. They’ll be giving you a few things you can do to help your UK small business grow into greatness.

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3 Tips to Find The Best Niche For Your UK Small Business [Infographic]

As you always hear (and read), finding a niche is perhaps the most important step in starting a UK small business. It gives you something specific to focus on, and having that is an important blueprint for your business.

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AUTHOR’S PICK: 6 Ways to Boost Your Business Presence

Yesterday’s Author’s Pick talked about a few steps you should take before pushing your product out to the market. Today, we’ll discuss ways to promote your UK small business to boost its presence. In other words, so that more people will be aware of your business and what you have to offer.

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AUTHOR’S PICK: Create A Product in 5 Easy Steps

This weekend’s Author’s Picks will focus on some of the inner workings of your UK small business. Today, we’ll discuss creating your product. No, not manufacturing, but what goes on before that. Read more

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The 5 Steps of Effective Goal Setting [Infographic]

TGIF! I suppose everyone’s excited for the weekend. I am too. But it’s still Friday, so I’d like to share with you the 5 steps of good goal setting.

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Don’t Start a UK Small Business Without These 5 Things

Business owners have different backgrounds. Some are accountants, some are engineers, and some are tailors. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, though; what matters is your state of mind. Do you have what it takes to lead your UK small business into success?

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Financing Your New UK Small Business [Infographic]

Our Wednesday Infographic today is all about how to finance your new UK small business. This includes determining your budget, finding a source of funds, and even saving for a rainy day.

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