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3 Ways to Point People to Your Website

Last week, we talked about different ways of giving after-sales value to your business. One good way of doing so is pointing your customers to your website, which has a wealth of information they’ll find helpful. Read more

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3 Tips for Adding After-Sales Value to Your UK Small Business

How do you see your UK small business? Of course, it’s about selling your product or service. But does it end there? If that’s how you see it, I challenge you to think again.

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3 Ways to Improve Brand Recognition

In a previous article, we discussed why brand recognition is important for your business. The more people know about you, the greater your potential client base. Read more

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Sunday Biz Tip: Improve the Quality of your Videos [Infographic]

Video is a great medium for content marketing in the UK. It requires the attention of both vision and hearing, making it highly engaging. Whenever audiences watch your video, you have their full attention. But not every video is made well. Read more

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Saturday Biz Tip: Reddit Etiquette for Online Businesses [Infographic]

Reddit is one of the good platforms for gaining audiences. However, you can’t just behave like a typical marketer on reddit. There are certain rules, and if you don’t follow them, you’ll get banned before you know it. So what’s the proper way?

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To Build Your Wealth, Pay Yourself First

There is something anyone can do to make themselves wealthy. It’s really easy in principle, but in practise it’s a Herculean task. But it’s only difficult because of the way people handle their money. Read more

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What a Face Can Do for Your Marketing Campaigns

Statistics and data. We like them, because the numbers don’t lie. Numbers are strong proof that something either works or doesn’t work. Especially for people who pay much attention to detail, numbers are crucial. But for many others, numbers don’t work. Why though? Read more

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Why is Having a Good Name Important?

Apple. Microsoft. Google. Samsung. The biggest names in tech. And it isn’t just in tech that we have big names; we also have Macy’s, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, and Woolworths in the retail world. All these names have one thing in common. Read more

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Saturday Biz Tip: Get These 5 Distractions Off Your Workspace [Infographic]

These days, there are more distractions than ever. They kill our focus, and in turn, our productivity as well.

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Surround Yourself With the Right People

Doubtless, you’ve read a whole lot about how to succeed in your UK home business. From self-help literature, to articles by famous entrepreneurs, and biographies of the world’s wealthy, there’s a whole lot of information available to help you get into the success mindset. However, only few mention this aspect. Read more