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Saturday Biz Tip: 4 Tips for Better Social Media Posts [Infographic]

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to content marketing in the UK. Twitter, Facebook, and others are convenient platforms to spread the word about your content. But of course, the more you use it, it could get boring. But there is a way to stay relatable.

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To Make It On Reddit, You Must Be Relevant

Reddit – also known as “the front page of the internet”. This is mostly where hot, viral internet phenomena happen first. Someone on reddit stumbles upon something good, shares it on the site, and it explodes. Before you know it, nearly the entire world wide web is talking about that something. With that sort of power, why not also use it for your online business, right?

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4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Posts

Social media is now an integral part of any online business in the UK. They allow you to both communicate with your customers and to run marketing campaigns. Social media in business has become so widely used that there now are many apps you can use to automate the process. But with automation comes a huge drawback.

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