Skype Call – Business Coaching Fact Finder Questionnaire:

Completing this form will allow us to have a very detailed and fruitful first consultation, it will provide me with the background knowledge of your experience and what your initial goals and plans are for your home based business. Please complete with as much detail is possible. Do not leave any blanks – if you have no response, please state N/A or unknown so that I know you have reviewed each point. Once I have received back your questionnaire, there may be a follow-on task which I will request you complete prior to the call. Once I have all the basic information asked for I will be able to customise the call to your situation and objectives.

The first consultation call will be not more than 1 hour and is complimentary. The call will take the form of a short introduction by me, a discussion around your responses and expected objectives, we will discuss your thoughts and feelings to your business and we will discuss actions and plans that can be taken.



skype: peter.d.bright

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