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Why Should You Use Targeted Traffic?

When you’re an affiliate marketer with your own website, traffic is your best friend. The more visitors your site has, the more potential customers you have. But not all traffic is beneficial.


Traffic that doesn’t lead to better conversion rates is wasted traffic.

UK affiliate marketing traffic conversion rates

Let’s put this into perspective. Say your site has 1000 visitors in a day. Of those 1000, 10 bought your affiliate products. That’s a 1% conversion rate. Too small, yes? So you pull some traffic and increased the visitors the next day to 10,000. Of those 10,000, 20 bought your affiliate products. At first glance, you may think you got more conversions, so it’s good. But look at the conversion rate: That’s just 0.2%, which is way worse than the previous one!

This is especially true when you’re dealing with a narrow and well-defined niche. In this case, it wouldn’t be wise to just pull all the traffic you can get your hands on into your site. For one, you aren’t sure if the majority of those visitors even know, much less care, about your niche. Those people that don’t know or care would simply click away from the site after a few seconds.

If you spent money to get that traffic, then all the more is it a waste. Knowing this, you may be wondering if there’s another way. Good news: there certainly is.



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The solution is targeted traffic.

UK affiliate marketing targeted traffic

In other words, traffic that’s only aimed at people interested in your niche. Let’s say you run a gardening site, and you have affiliate links for different fertilisers. With that, the kind of visitors you’d want on your site are garden enthusiasts, landscapers, and the like.

So then, you should focus on reaching those kinds of people through your marketing. Use relevant keywords, write content about those keywords, and participate in online communities related to your niche. You can even buy targeted traffic if your budget allows.


When you’re reaching the right people, you’ll soon be smiling at your conversion rates.

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So whenever you’re looking into driving more traffic into your site, make sure that it’s focused, targeted traffic. Any additional traffic should bump up your conversion rates, not bring them down.



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