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How Can You Tell Stories in Your Posts?

How can you write your blog posts so that more people want to read it? Just word-vomiting information onto the page won’t work. Most people don’t like textbook-style writing, and once they get bored, they’ll just click away. Of course, you would not want that to happen.

The solution? Change your writing style. Instead of lecturing to your readers like a professor, tell them a story like a writer. That is what you are, after all – a writer.

“But that can’t possibly work with informative content,” you complain. Well, I beg to disagree. It can work, and it does. You’ll just use a different writing style; the information will still be there.

A story has 3 integral parts. Keep these in mind when you craft your next blog post.


1. Characters

A story is not a story without characters. For a simple story, you can have just one character. But if it fits the mould, you can introduce more than one. In any case, every character you introduce must contribute something significant to the story.

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Also, make the characters relatable to your audience. Don’t blow them out of proportion with insane powers or such; this isn’t a comic book. For instance, if your readers are graphic designers, then perhaps introduce an artist as a character. Your readers will then immediately make a connection with the character. In turn, they’ll want to read further into your post.

Most importantly, give your characters names. That makes it a lot easier for readers to follow through the story. Actually, you can even turn your readers into the character, like what I do. The character is you!


2. Conflict and Resolution

All good stories have conflicts within them. Conflict is what develops a character, for better or for worse. Though if you want a happy ending, the conflict should make the character stronger, wiser, and better than he used to be.

So, introduce a part of the story where your character encounters a problem and feels sad, angry, worried, or frustrated. This could be the same problem that your products or services are addressing.

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Afterwards, let your character find the solution to his problem. Again, it could be your products or services. Then show your readers how your character’s life has improved because of them. That’s your resolution, and it’s best to have that happy ending.

3. Show, don’t tell.

This is a rule of thumb in creative writing. Instead of outright telling your readers what the character is feeling, doing, or thinking, show them what the characters look like at that moment.

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For example, if your character is bored of the long queue at the grocer’s, you’d normally say that he’s “bored”, and nothing else. To make it more interesting, show your readers how he looks like when he’s bored. You could say that he’s “fidgeting”, “whispering to himself” and/or “looking at his watch every chance he gets”. Those descriptions are much more creative ways of saying “bored”. They would also make your post read like a proper story.

“But wait,” you say. “How about the ‘informative’ part of my post? Where does that fit in?”

Well, that goes in between the story, where it’s appropriate. If you want to give people details about a certain problem, like procrastination, give the details in the “conflict” part of the story. When your character runs into that problem, let the information “cut into” the story. After you’re done presenting facts and explaining, get back into the story. What happens next to your character? What is he feeling, doing, or thinking?

Same thing if you want to give information about your products or services. Let those cut into the resolution of the story. You could do it, perhaps, right before describing how much happier your character is after using your products or services. Then you can end the story with the character living a better life.

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That last part is important. End your story with the character, not with an explanation or a fact. Your post isn’t just a piece of information; it’s a story. So finish it as a story.
Master this technique, and Bob’s your uncle. Imagine yourself creating blinding blog posts every single time. Your readers will be knees up whenever they read your stuff.


Speaking of writing, how about a few tricks so that you never run out of topics to write about? See this infographic for more.


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