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Time Management: You Just Don’t Do It All

Time Management: You Just Don’t Do It All

The age old question, as old as time itself (see what I did there?) How do I find time to do (yet) another task or tasks in my already ultra busy schedule?


I know, I get it, there are only so many hours in the day, or in the time that you have set aside for yourself, to build your business. So you really can’t do everything.

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If you do try to do everything, guess what happens..


you only finish the stuff that’s not really that important.


What do I mean? Well, for example, what’s more important – to read every niche news email you have subscribed to, in your inbox so you know what’s current in your business niche today? Or to use those hours to create or improve your product/service?

So how to plan your tasks? Or to start addressing your time management? issue?

How about this; what’s more important – respond to every message on your phone, as soon as it comes in, or write your sales campaign – be it a sales letter, email campaign, or online sales page?


When you manage your time, the goal isn’t to get everything done – it’s to get the important things done.

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So look at your daily to-do list (you do have one -right?) and prioritise the important tasks from the ‘everything’ tasks. Some examples of important tasks for your business could be; writing (or rewriting) your new book. Or recording a new training course. Or writing a new series of emails.

These tasks are important because they will help you make money – long term (all of those things are “do them once…get paid forever” kind of things)


So to help you focus on what you want to get done, I recommend that during your business hours of focussed effort, you turn the phone off, close your email window, tell your husband (wife, partner or significant other) you are going to work for 2 hours and do nothing but that one important thing you want to accomplish.

Only 2 hours I hear some of you cry; yes – 2 hours.

Let’s say you did that just 5 days a week, that’s 2 hours solid, without interruption.

In one week you would have your 10 hour home study course recorded.

The next week you would have 25 emails in your autoresponder campaign.

The next week you would have recorded 10 hours of your coaching program.

The next week you would write 25 articles and post them.

In just 30 days, you would have a 10 hour home study course to sell,  a 10-week coaching program, 25 emails and 25 articles.

How do I know this? Because I learnt it, and you can learn it too.

As many of you will know already, I have partnered with a very successful online entrepreneur to provide an excellent quality and low budget coaching course, you can take a look right here about Passive Income and apply the 2 hours time management I told you above…

Till next time!