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Tip on Posting Your Affiliate Link to Forums

Aside from your own site and on social media, online forums are also good places to put in your affiliate links. However, there is a different method to doing this in online forums.

This is quite important; otherwise you may get banned from posting anything. In the worst case, you may even be permanently removed from the forum.

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Remember that in a forum, you’re not in there to promote products. You participate in a community of knowledge-sharing. If you’re a member of a health and wellness forum, for example, you’re there because either you want to know more about healthy living, or you want to share what you know about healthy living to others.

Actually, most forums do not even allow posting any affiliate links, even on your signature.

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And I don’t blame the forums for making that sort of a rule. A lot of unskilled “affiliate marketers” would resort to spamming their links on the forums otherwise. That will totally defeat the purpose of the forums. Plus, everyone hates spammers, so to prevent this sort of abuse, forum webmasters would rather ban affiliate linking outright.

Knowing that, what can you do as an affiliate marketer who is also a member of a few online forums? Well, the solution is quite simple.


All you have to do is link to your site instead.

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Just make sure that in the page you’re linking to, your affiliate links are easy to see at first glance.

At that point, not only have you brought people to your affiliate link, but you’ve also brought them to your site. They now have the chance to explore around the site and see what you have to offer. And if your site is particularly well-designed, then all the more that visitors will linger for longer and explore more.


Problem solved. Also, you hit two birds with one stone. That’s how powerful forums can be for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Speaking of which, you may want to watch this video to know the best spots on your site to put affiliate links.


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