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4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Posts

Social media is now an integral part of any online business in the UK. They allow you to both communicate with your customers and to run marketing campaigns. Social media in business has become so widely used that there now are many apps you can use to automate the process. But with automation comes a huge drawback.


Your social media posts can turn out impersonal.

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Automation software speaks in machine language. Sure, it may give out words and coherent sentences, but it’s still based on a set of predictable rules. Software will never have that “personal touch” that only humans can give.

So if you’re using social media automation software to make the job easier, you should still participate in crafting your social media posts. Here are four things you can do to make better posts.


1.  Get in on trending topics

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On twitter, there’s a really easy way to find out the latest trends. On the left sidebar, just look at the trending topics. You can even customise it by location. Once you see them, find a way to get those hashtags into your tweets. Be as creative as you please. That way, your tweets would be even more relatable.

Take the Pokemon GO hype that went on for months last year. Some marketers took advantage of that, creating massive lure parties that brought in hundreds of customers.

But since the Pokemon GO hype train has passed, it’s best to look for something else now. Be vigilant and something great will pop up sooner than you think.


2.  Give them variety

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Sometimes, you could have pieces of content that you’d want to post more than once. This is especially true for evergreen content, which remains relevant and valuable no matter what the time period. Normally you’d just schedule the same post spaced out by one week, two weeks, one month, or so.

But surely that content can’t be reduced to just one sentence. Spice it up in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and subsequent posts. Use different words, highlight a different section of the content, relate it to a different topic, and so on. Be as creative as you need to be.


3.  Add some emotion

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Emotional appeal is a great thing to use in any marketing campaign. But it isn’t just any emotion. People really love stories that make them feel inspired, awestruck, and empowered. Craft mini-stories in your posts that cater to these emotions, and more people will be sharing and retweeting them.


4.  Make them short but sweet

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Making a particularly long paragraph just will not cut it in social media. Especially with Twitter’s 140-character limit, you cannot afford to have long posts. That’s what the actual content is for. The job of the social media post is just to draw people in. So make it short, but substantial enough to make people want to explore the content further.

Just make sure to include the essential keywords in the post. For example, if the content is about affiliate marketing, then integrate those keywords into the post, or as a hashtag when using Twitter.



There you go. So start getting more involved in composing your social media posts, because you have something that automation software doesn’t have. That is called creativity. Computers just do not have that. And since your clients are humans, it’s all the more important to craft social media posts that feel human.


Speaking of creativity, check out this infographic to find out how to create catchy ads. Not just for Craigslist, but generally for any ad.


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4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Posts
Article Name
4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Posts
Social media automation is quite commonplace, but it can make social media posts feel impersonal. Here are 4 tips to bring back that personal touch.

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