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Too Much Planning is a Bad Thing

Having a good plan is key for excellent decision-making. Planning is especially important when you want your UK small business to succeed. But of course, too much of anything is a bad thing.

Is there such a thing as too much planning?

Certainly, there is. Too much planning holds you back from ever achieving anything. Getting stuck in that stage precludes you from action. And action is one thing that greatly drives success; not just good planning. No action, no progress. In turn, no progress means no success.

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It’s called Analysis Paralysis.

Basically, it’s as the name suggests. Doing nothing but analysing things all the time, you are paralysing your business. Not taking action will get you nowhere.

Imagine it this way. Say you’re in New York City, and you want to visit the Empire State building. You pull up Google Maps to get directions. Then, it shows you five different routes, while also telling you the traffic through them. You then see that each route goes through a bad traffic jam. You would then think of the best route to take, but because of the traffic situations, you try your hardest to determine which route will get you to the Empire State building the fastest. As you agonise over the five routes, you realise later on that you’ve missed several buses you could have taken to get to the Empire State building. Instead of being on your way already, you’re stuck at the bus stop still trying to determine the best route. If you would have just picked a route and hopped on a bus, you would have already been halfway through.

Not to say that planning is bad, though.

It’s just that too much planning is bad. Until you make a decision and take action, progress will never happen. It’s just like riding a bike – until you actually pedal and move forward, you’ll struggle to keep your balance. Try to put both your feet on the pedals and think too long about how best to pedal, and you’ll have fallen on your side before you know it.

The question now is “how do I avoid analysis paralysis?” Well, there’s one simple rule.

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Perfect is the enemy of done.

Many times, you want your plan to be so foolproof that virtually nothing could go wrong. While that is possible, it’s highly improbable. There will always be circumstances beyond your control. More often than not, you’ll encounter something that you never anticipated. Even the awareness of such things can lead you to overanalysing everything. The more you overthink, the more potential problems you’ll uncover. As you keep on revising and revising your plan, more and more issues will arise, and it’ll just be a vicious cycle of adjustment and readjustment.

Instead, realise that your plan does not have to be perfect to succeed.

The road to progress begins with execution. As in a road trip, start the car and go. Put your plans into action. It would certainly help a lot to set a deadline – once that day has passed, it’s time to act. That way, you’ll force yourselves to plan things out faster and more efficiently, so you’ll have more time to actually do things.

As you execute your plans, circumstances may change. And that’s okay; it’s how the world works. What’s on you is how you respond to those changes. You can always adjust your plans accordingly. Be adaptable, because changes always happen. But of course, never stop the action.


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