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Top 5 Perks of Working with Virtual Assistants for your UK Online Business

Running a UK online business involves more than just setting up a nice looking website. There’s also things like search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, website maintenance, and many others. As a business owner, surely you don’t want to be bothered with such administrative tasks. Ideally you would want to focus on running your business and on doing what you do best. This is where virtual assistants (VAs) come in, and they offer many advantages over traditional office staff.

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Traditionally, you would want to hire a personal assistant to do these things for you. But hiring a full-time employee isn’t exactly a very pleasant thing to do. First of all, you’ll have to spend a good deal of time looking for the right person for the job. Then, you’ll have to ensure he works every day. But let’s face it: most people never do work eight hours a day. And if they don’t get the job done, you’ll have to sack them, which is a proper pain in the neck to do. And of course, as an employer, you’ll have to provide them health insurance, paid leaves, pay extra taxes for them, and many other financial stuff. What if you’re a small business and cannot afford that? Even if you could, what if you don’t want to go through the trouble?


Don’t worry. You don’t have to go through all that trouble if you hire virtual assistants. They’re not the traditional nine-to-five employee. Working with a VA has these five of advantages over regular employees for your UK online business.


1. Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saves You a Lot of Money

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VA’s get paid only for the hours they work, so if they only want to work 4 hours a day, you only pay them for 4 hours of work a day. Also, you don’t have to pay for additional equipment like desks, chairs, and computers. VA’s provide their own hardware. Additionally, you don’t have to spend on additional benefits like paid leaves, health insurance, taxes, and others.

You’ll get to save a lot of money while still getting the services that your UK online business needs.


2. Virtual Assistants Provide Great Quality of Service

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VA’s always have a reputation to keep, so they always strive to provide a good quality of service to their clients. Since they only get paid for the hours that they work, they have to be productive so they can earn (not just by showing up to the office every day). For this reason a VA may even perform a lot better than a traditional employee.

They always meet your expectations. Sometimes, they even exceed your expectations.

On top of that, many VA’s usually specialise in a particular field. They train themselves and gain experience in that field. So essentially, hiring a VA means hiring someone who is highly qualified and knowledgeable about what they are doing.

The best part is that you can have this service for a fraction of the cost of a regular employee!


3. Virtual Assistants Offer You Consistency

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When you get to work with one VA and you’re quite satisfied with how they perform, you can always hire them again later on.

No need to train new staff every time; if you have the same task you want done, just go to your trusted VA and get the same top-of-the-line work done for you each time you need it. And because you can contact the VA directly, it saves you the trouble of having to deal with placement agencies and paying agency fees.


4. Virtual Assitants can Fill in the Gaps

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Suppose you have a project that needs some extra staff, but that project will only last for three weeks. Certainly you don’t want to hire another full-time employee just for that, right? Projects like these are where VA’s prove very helpful.

You can hire one or a few VA’s just for that temporary project, and once it’s over, the VA’s work is done too, so the expenses stop there.

You could also hire VA’s to do services beyond regular office hours. If you need some extra assistance at night or on weekends for something like customer support, you can hire a VA for that. And since you don’t need to provide any equipment or office space for them, it doesn’t add much to your operating expenses.


5. Your Business Can Grow Better

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With a VA doing your administrative and other tasks for you, you can focus on growing your UK online business.

And that would mean making more money! On top of that, you have less things to worry about, knowing that your VA’s are doing great quality work for you.



So if you’re looking for a few ways to improve your online business in the UK, consider hiring a VA or two. You can find many resources online to hire VA’s; Article & Design Inc. ( is one such company providing VA services. Try it out, and you’ll never regret it.




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