MarketingAre you a first time investor on the lookout for small business tips and home business ideas? Are you starting an online business but can’t seem to get a handle on things, and start the ball rolling?

In this Internet age where everything can be purchased with the click of a mouse, business people face a myriad of challenges – both online and offline. Unfortunately, being tech-savvy or updated on the latest market trends will not fully guarantee the success of your venture.

For instance, a major concern confronting most startups today is deciding what products to sell. Here are a few suggestions on you can determine the best product to sell, remain financially viable, and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Develop an exciting brand

At the onset, you must be able to demonstrate how your product/business is not only different from the competition, but also how it will be able to better serve their needs.  business, technology, people, deadline and team work concept - sYou must keep in mind that building a brand is not merely promoting your products/services outright, but more importantly, having a clear understanding of your clientele.

You must therefore focus on studying the needs of your potential customers, formulate a unique brand based on those needs, and consequently, develop brand recognition among your prospective clients.

This approach to building an online business can be effective at differentiating your products from its rivals in a highly-competitive market.

2. Maximise the power of keywords

As online marketers will attest, SEO (search engine optimisation) is still king and will likely remain so in the coming years. The key to using this resource is being able to effectively identify products or niche markets which people are consistently looking for on the Web using search engines such as GoogHome Based Business Words Magnifying Glass Advicele or Bing.

As paid advertising across all media platforms become more costly, utilising SEO will benefit your company immensely.

But it is not enough for you to know products that sell well or markets that can be explored. Through your searches, you must also learn to identify “high volume, low competition” search terms. As SEO can be a bit technical, take the time to study and master this field, which will yield dividends in the medium and long-term.

3. Provide solutions to clients’ problems

Your products or services should have one main goal, and that is to help solve a concern of your customers, particularly those who are starting an online business, and are keen on adopting these small business tips and home business ideas.

In fact, many businesses have gained a loyal client base, and thrived in the process because they have been able to successfully solve a customer’s so-called  “pain point.” In fact, most products being developed today are designed to address such pain points, which could be unwieldy power tools or uncomfortable exercise gear. And you must keep in mind that “pain points” do not necessarily refer only to physical pain. They can also can include a frustrating or time consuming experience which clients would like to find a solution to or want to address.

4. Always play to consumers’ passions

Product developers know consumers have a habit of spending huge sums on products  and services that are in line with their passions and habits. For instance, tech buffs are on the lookout for the latest gadgets that are released in the market. Globalization Connection Internet Technology.generationThough smartphones or tablet PC models are rolled out only months from each other, techies will not hesitate to purchase the latest version as long as they feel that the product will fulfil a particular need – take higher resolution photos, store more photos/videos, efficiently run graphic intensive apps or software. In this case, passion rules over cost.  And therein lies the opportunity.

5. Capitalise on an opportunity or a “feature gap”

Although a particular product or service may offer a variety of impressive features, chances are, not all of these features will live up to a customer’s expectations. For example, an online retailer of women’s cosmetics and apparel offers a seamless shopping experience where orders could be placed through a few clicks of the mouse. However, the products take more than a month to arrive due to problems on the logistics front.

two business persons are developing a project using virtual realAs a competitor, you must be quick to recognise this “feature gap” and develop a system that is not more efficient and only hassle-free, but delivers its products on time as promised. Moreover, recognising the weaknesses of your competitors enables you to refine your product or service, and set the bar higher.

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Starting an online business or establishing a retail outlet from the ground up is not a walk in the park. But we hope that these small business tips and home business ideas will make the task ahead of you less daunting and more fun.


Every success to you!


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