For many people, working from home sounds like a fantasy. Working from your bed, being in your pyjamas all day, and not having a boss to order you around is what most people imagine working from home is all about. However, it is more demanding than this fantasy, in most cases more demanding than working in an office but you can actually make this your home based dream business if you follow certain steps.

If you wish to join this labor force, here are top 5 tips to get you started, help you build your empire and succeed in being your own boss.

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1. Identify what to do

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As pointed out earlier, there are many things you can do and earn money working online.

Digital marketer, freelance writer, virtual assistant, data entry, taking surveys and selling stuff are some of the home business ideas to begin with. Identify what you are good at and get paid for it.

For instance, if you are a talented writer, freelance writing is a possible option for you. The bottom line is to identify your preferred niche and build  the business around that specific area. If you don’t have details on the website, just search online using a phrase such as “online data entry jobs” and click on all the websites on the search results. Go through the websites, identify the tasks, the pay, and determine the legitimacy of the website by looking at the reviews and signup once you are convinced you are at the right place.

2. Workstation

You will never succeed in starting an online business if you work from your bed – but yeah sometimes that works. Just like other people who have an office or a cubicle, you also need one, except that yours will be inside your home, be it in your kitchen or basement perhaps.

Home Office

Choose a silent corner in your home and set up your desk, laptop or desktop. Ideally it should be a permanent space set aside specifically for your online business to operate from.

Ensure there is minimum distraction like TV or music at this corner. If you have children and a partner, let them know and understand that that’s your  office space and that they must not distract you while you are working there. Have a comfortable desk and a chair most preferably one that does not strain your back. You don’t want to be spending your new income on treatment for a strained back.

3. Working hours

There is no rule regarding what time of the day is best for everyone. While some people love to work in the silence of the night, others prefer to work after dropping off the kids at school. However, have a working schedule and stick to it. Determine the number of hours that you want to work each day and minimise distractions during this time, like cooking while working.Scales, Time Is Money

Break down your work schedule so that you have a few minutes of rest which you can use to get a cup of tea or catch-up with a friend but switch back to work at the end of the break.

You can decide to start your day at 3 am, work for 3 hours and get your break as you prepare to take your kids to school. Have another 3 or 4 hours before lunch and a final 2 hours in the afternoon before running your daily errands like buying groceries. Another strategy is to set targets like write two pieces of work before breakfast, one or two before lunch and one in the afternoon. Whatever your work schedule, stick to it.

4. Materials and tools

Starting an online business is one of the simplest things. In most cases, all you need is a computer and internet connectivity. If you want to start selling physical products, like selling your own art paintings, then you need the inventory and to set up your own website or sign up with sites that do consignment. Others, such as freelance writing might require you to be trained, hence you require the guides which are mainly offered by the writing companies.

5. Planning

Like any other business, you must have a plan. Other than planning your time, you also have to set financial targets since at the end of the day; you are in it to make money right.

So, set daily, weekly and monthly targets both activities and financial, break them down in to daily and even hourly tasks if that works for you.

Be flexible enough since at times you might miss your target due to job availability or any other unavoidable circumstance. Nonetheless, don’t try to make up for a lost target, start each day a fresh and aim to meet the targets of that specific day.Home Based Business Words Magnifying Glass Advice

You need to be self-disciplined, self-driven, motivated and have the ability to achieve your set targets without supervision. Working from home offers you flexibility that is hard to find in any office; you get to determine your own schedule, the amount of tasks you can complete everyday and ultimately how much you can earn on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Working from home is a good option for anyone seeking to earn extra money or to do it as a full time job. With these tips, you have no reason not to get started on this amazing journey. Keep coming back to my site as over the coming weeks and months, I will provide the details and resources to help you start from scratch a business that can become your freedom lifeline.

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