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Top 7 UK Online Business Ideas You Can Run From Home

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to start an online business. For the same reason, there’s an abundance of UK online business ideas out there. You can even do them at home, using only your PC.


“But I don’t know anything about business. What can I do to cash in?”

Well, you don’t have to do it the traditional way. You don’t even need to call yourself a “company”. You can do it on your own, as long as you earn money from it. Anything you have that you can sell to others online – that’s a business.

In case you were wondering, here are seven of the best UK online business ideas out there.



This is perhaps the easiest UK online business idea for anyone. Just take a skill that you have – it could be writing, proofreading, or even voice acting – and sell it to others. That’s right: you can sell your skills, and people are willing to pay for it!

Online marketplaces like Fiverr make it a lot easier to sell your talent. Just post a “gig” telling others what you can do, and if people find you, they can hire you right away. These are simple jobs that take only a little time to finish, so you’ll be earning in no time. Fiverr pays $5 per job completed, so it isn’t much. But if you do a lot of $5 gigs in a day, you can really earn a lot.

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There are also many other sites which host similar “pay per work” gigs, each with varying pay scales and qualifications. Compare the perks of each and find the one that’s right for you.


Paid Blogging

A lot of people who have personal blogs just do it as a hobby. But an increasing number of people are turning their blogging into something that generates income. In fact, paid blogging is one of the most common UK online business ideas out there.

Of course, to earn substantial profits from your blog, you have to first write high quality content. Then, you have to market your blog well and ensure maximum exposure to the right audience.

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Some ways to earn from your blog include affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or CPM ads. You can choose which advertisers will put up their ads on your site. Additionally, you can partner with different online sellers to promote their products on your site. In return, the sellers pay you to advertise on your site, and they could also give you commissions for every sale made on your site. Also, you can build a large network through subscribers and regular visitors.


Email Marketing

A popular adage in the online business world is this: “Money Is In The List”. You can then tap the people on your “list”, such as the subscribers of your blog, and promote your business to them. You can promote your affiliate’s products to them as well. And if you have great products to offer, then your list may well grow into the hundreds of thousands soon enough!

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Website Flipping

This is one of the really odd-sounding UK online business ideas, but it’s still something good. Here, you buy an existing website, improve it, and then sell it for a profit. Take the time and effort to develop the site well, and get a lot of traffic to it too. That will make the website a lot more valuable, and you can sell it at a premium (and by premium, that could even be as high as $1 million).

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Sell a Great Product Online

These days, it’s easier than ever to publish and distribute digital content. Say for example, you’re quite experienced and knowledgeable in generating tremendous traffic for websites. With this expertise on hand, you can author an e-book and sell it on Amazon. Of course, for your product to be profitable, it has to be of excellent quality. The content must be well-researched, and it has to be written in a way that your intended audience will understand well.

Sell products online at internet webshop, web shop selling

If you have a blog that already has a lot of content, you can even turn all the contents of your blog into an ebook compilation. You can then sell it in a similar way, giving you yet another income stream.


Make Market Predictions

Are you one of those who has a penchant for forecasting the stock market or other markets? Well, you can earn from that through a system called binary options. These are financial contracts that allow you to earn through predicting the rise or fall of different financial assets.

Another platform called Intrade deals with shares of companies. With it, you can buy and sell shares depending on whether you think some significant event will happen or not. If you guess right, you earn.

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Give Out Expert Advice

This one is for the information gurus and those who love doing their research. You can earn through this UK online business idea using platforms like KGB Answers and JustAnswerTo qualify as an “expert” in these sites, you have to take a few tests first. If you pass, you become one of their “experts”. Then, as an expert, you can answer customers’ questions on a wide range of topics. You can either earn through subscriptions or get paid per question answered.

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Did you notice something that these UK online business ideas had in common? You can do all of them just from home! If you have a full-time job, you can even run an online business on the sideAnd there’s absolutely no need to quit your job! You can run the business in your spare time, when you’re at home. Excellent idea, don’t you think?


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Top 7 UK Online Business Ideas You Can Run From Home
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Top 7 UK Online Business Ideas You Can Run From Home
Thanks to the Internet, its now easier than ever to start a business. Check out the top 7 UK online business ideas today and start cashing in!

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