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Do More Each Day with the Two-Minute Rule

When you see your to-do list, is it full of stuff to do? Does it always seem to have too much? Well, that’s a common problem to be honest. Those to-do lists tend to pile higher and higher as the days go by. Why though?

Because you always put away the “small stuff”.

These are things like replying to an email, making an enquiry through a phone call, or even decluttering your desk. These are usually the things you say you’ll do “when I find the time”.

Truth is, you don’t find the time. They always get overtaken by the bigger, more important things. Next thing you know, your to-do list is filled with tasks to which you said “I’ll do this when I find the time.” Now, your schedule looks as insurmountable as the top of Mount Everest.

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The more you’re overwhelmed, the less productive you become.

But what if you just did those small tasks immediately? Think of how much cleaner your to-do list will be. Think of the stress you’d save yourself from.


This is where the two-minute rule comes in.

Based on the book “Getting Things Done” by productivity coach David Allen, it goes like this. If you can do something in two minutes or less, do it now. Quite simple, isn’t it? Replying to an email, making that phone call, and quickly decluttering your desk all fall into that category. So do them as soon as you can! Later on, you’d have actually done more in less time.

And the two-minute rule also applies to things outside of work!

It’s especially helpful at home for simple chores like binning the rubbish, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. It’s these small chores that we always like to put off for who knows how long. But if you apply the two-minute rule, they’ll be done in no time.

Instead of “finding the time” to do them, just do them right away. Take the rubbish out to the bin. Put the dishes in the dishwasher. Put your dirty clothes in the washer. It’s that simple.

They’ll take you at most two minutes. They’re not as much of a bother as you think they are. But they will be, if you let them pile up like Jenga pieces. And you know what happens next when a Jenga pile gets too high.

productivity UK two-minute rule

This is what happens to your productivity when you have too much on your list.



So get going with those small, two-minute tasks.

Once you do, you’ll be ticking more and more tasks out of your list. You’ll have more time for the other things that matter to you, and you’ll thank yourself later on.


Of course, the two-minute rule is just a small part of being more productive. This video shows you another very important thing. If you’re not doing it yet, now is the time.


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