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3 Compelling Reasons to Write Product Reviews

If you’re a UK affiliate marketer, imagine yourself as a customer for a minute. Before you buy something online, what’s the first thing you’re likely to do?

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Many of you would say, “read the reviews”. Certainly, that’s what most people do. Customers want to know what others think before they decide to buy something themselves. For this reason, it’s a good idea to write product reviews to provide customers with that information.

If you’re a UK affiliate marketer who hasn’t written product reviews yet, I suggest that you get started soon for three reasons.

1.  Giving customers an outsider’s point of view

For customers, an independent reviewer’s point of view is a lot more valuable than what the seller says about their own product. You don’t work for the seller, and so you’re less likely to be biased. You would only base your reviews on your own experience with the product. Customers like that a lot better.

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Compare that with how sellers themselves describe their products. Certainly, biases will creep in one way or another. Sellers will only highlight a product’s good side and why it’s better than the competitors. Obviously, it’s in sellers’ best interests to not reveal the negative side of their product to customers. For customers though, it’s in their best interest to know the negatives as well as the positives of the products.

2.  Helping customers make informed purchasing decisions

Having many things to choose from can be overwhelming. When it comes to purchasing decisions, some people go by the idea that more expensive means higher quality. True enough, you get what you pay for. But here’s something worth taking note of: expensive does not always mean good value. Most customers are looking for a good balance between price and value.

Let’s look at a real-world example – camera batteries. Camera owners have two choices: either OEM (original equipment manufacturer) batteries or third-party ones. OEM batteries are  significantly more expensive than third-party batteries, but both serve the same purpose. Take the example of the products below from the Amazon UK store:

OEM battery canon                         third party battery

Left: OEM Canon LP-E6 battery, £59.99. Right: Third-party Canon LP-E6 battery, £13.99 (bundle of 2).
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Now, put yourself in a camera owner’s shoes.

When choosing spare batteries for your camera, the most important thing for you is that the batteries work. With that logic, it makes perfect sense to buy the cheaper third-party batteries, but that decision also carries some doubt. What if the cheaper batteries don’t last as long? Or what if they break easily, or worse, could damage the camera? To answer these questions, product reviews are your best option.

So let’s say you browse through a few product reviews, and find out 4 things about the third-party batteries:

  1.  They work well with the camera
  2.  They last 1 hour shorter than OEM batteries
  3.  They lose most of their capacity after only a year
  4.  In case they do damage your camera, you void the warranty due to using a non-OEM battery.

You’d then be able to make a better decision. If #1 is your only concern, then you’d certainly go for the third-party batteries. What’s more, you get two for less than half the price of one OEM battery, so obviously the third-party batteries give much greater value. But if you want to preserve the warranty, and you’re very worried about damaging your expensive camera, then you might choose the OEM battery despite the higher price.

It’s exactly these sorts of buying decisions that benefit greatly from product reviews. Customers always want the best value for money, so they want to know what others think before they make that purchase themselves.

3.  Gaining people’s trust

Exactly because of reason #2 above, product reviews will make customers trust you more. The reviews you write give them highly valuable information. It could be information that saves them a lot of money, for one. Or, it could be information that prevents them from buying into an overhyped yet valueless idea. As a bonus, good product reviews get shared a lot, so they’ll also help you improve your social media reach.

The more you enable customers to make informed choices, the better your reputation will be. Better reputation means more traffic, and in turn, potentially more sales for your affiliate products. It’s a win-win situation for you and your audience!

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Now it’s time to do your part. Find an affiliate product you’re promoting, and write a review for it. Make sure you know the product inside and out, and that you’ve used it yourself. And remember: it’s a review, not an advert. State the pros and cons, and let your customers decide. They’ll thank you for it too.

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