If you have a smartphone, chances are you watch a lot of videos on it. Even on your home PC or laptop, it’s equally likely that you also watch a lot of videos on them. Of the many videos you watch, it’s likely that 90% of them (or more) are online. Given this reality, integrating video into your business is a big deal.

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Videos capture your full attention.

When you watch a video, you’re very focused on it. It has both visual and auditory components, which captures both your primary senses of sight and hearing. From start to finish, you’re fixated on the video. You don’t want to look away, otherwise you’ll miss something. With that kind of focus, it’s easier to absorb information from the videos you watch.

If you’re wondering about an ideal length for a video into your business, three minutes is a good maximum, while a minute and a half is a good average. Views and retention are very much affected by how long your videos are. Most people usually avoid videos that are really long (e.g. 10 minutes or more), unless that’s what they really want to watch. Those that get watched from start to finish are usually short videos of 3 minutes or less.

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