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What Do You Need for Making Videos on a Budget?

Video is a great medium for getting your point across. It fully engages the viewers with both visuals and audio. As such, video can be an excellent marketing tool. But what if you don’t have the cameras and microphones to produce them?


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 3 Essentials of a Good Marketing Video


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Good news is, you don’t need this much to create a video.

Truth be told, you don’t need fancy equipment.

Nearly everyone has a capable piece of hardware with them all the time. If you’re like most people, you likely have a smartphone in your pocket. It’s a device that so many of us take for granted, but if we look at it, it’s quite capable. Smartphone cameras, in particular, have gotten better and better and better. Modern phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, and LG G6, have really great cameras. Not only can they take great photos, but they can also take captivating videos. The iPhone 7 plus, for example, can even record in a stunning 4K resolution and in 60 frames per second. In simple words, that means crystal-clear, sharp, and smooth videos, even with lots of motion.

Better yet, even last-generation smartphones still have really good camera quality. So if you still have something like a Galaxy S7, iPhone 6, or any good smartphone from the past two years, you still have a very capable video creation tool right in your pocket. They may not capture in 4K, but hey, full HD is still clear enough for most people.

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Rear camera or front camera?

Great question. It’s always much better to use the rear camera, because it always has the higher resolution and better capabilities. Front cameras are only good for Skype/FaceTime calls and such. One very important thing that many rear cameras have is image stabilisation, which reduces the shakiness of videos. Otherwise, especially if you film handheld, your video may turn out shaky, and in turn, nauseating. So as much as possible, don’t use the front camera.

But if you really want your video to be as still as a rock, use a tripod or prop your phone onto a stable surface.


How about sound quality?

Well, that’s easy. You could use what’s known as the “poor man’s lavalier microphone” – your phone’s headset. By the way, a lavalier microphone is one that you can clip onto your shirt, just like what some journalists use in the field. The defining characteristic of a lavalier mic is that it’s put close to your mouth, so it can clearly pick up everything you say.

You can do the same thing with your phone’s headset. Just position the microphone part close to your mouth, and use a small clip, or even a strip of cellotape, to secure it to your shirt. No need to put the earpieces on your ears; you could look goofy in the video. Then you can connect the headset to another phone that you can then slip into your pocket. That way, you have one phone recording the video, and you can keep a small distance between yourself and the camera. This way, you’ll have separate audio and video files; you can then sync them up in editing software later on.

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Otherwise, you could also plug in the headset to the phone doing the video recording. You’ll have to move closer to the phone, though. But this way, there’s no need for you to sync the audio and video after filming. It’s less of a hassle that way. It’s up to you, though, which method you want to employ for your video making.


You don’t even have to buy anything to create your first marketing video. Just use what you already have, make it something that your audience wants to see and hear, and film. All you need is your phone.


And remember, when making your marketing video, let it have the 3 essentials as shown in this infographic.


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