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What is Your Vision for Your Business?

If you’ve ever been to any job interview, more likely than not you’ve heard of this question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” It may be cliche, but it’s actually a good question. Only those with a vision for themselves can answer that question well.


So where do you see your business going five years from now?

That question isn’t restricted to job interviews. You can ask yourself that question as well, in the context of your small business in the UK. Do you see it as becoming a household brand? Do you foresee the business as something that people always talk about? And of course, how do you see your business improving people’s lives in the future?

If you have some answers, then you have a vision. Having one is important, because it gives your business a sense of direction. Your vision is also your greatest guide for setting goals. Think of it as a map: the vision is the destination, and the goals are the path. The path must of course lead to the destination. Having a vision makes it easier to set goals, because you know what you want your business to become.

Author Stephen Covey described one habit of highly effective people quite nicely.

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Begin with an end in mind.

It makes sense. Again, let’s go back to our analogy of the map. If you go on a trip just for the heck of it, with no destination in mind, chances are you’ll just get lost along the way. Everyone who goes on a trip always has a planned destination. In the same way, if you go on a business venture, you must have a vision. Before you begin, set the bar for what you want the business to become five, ten, or even twenty years from now.

And you can apply this principle to your own life as well. Just go back to that cliche – but still useful – job interview question. How do you see yourself five years from now?



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