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Take Advantage of Website Builders to Create Your Website

Hiring web development experts is still the best thing to do if your business needs a website. Still, to each their own methods. So what if you’d rather build the website yourself? Well, no need to worry, since web designing is easier than ever thanks to modern website builders.

Gone are the days where you have to stare at walls of code.

Today, web design is very user-friendly. What you see in the design interface is what you’ll get once you’re done. For many modern website builders, they don’t even require you to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS code. Everything is graphical – just select your layout, drag and drop different elements to where you want them to be, and mix and match to your liking. It’s just that much easier.

Imagine having prefab sections for houses. You have a standard set of elements, composing different parts of the house – foundation, walls, roof, floor, windows, gutters, etc. Once a developer has those sections, all they have to do is to put them together, and the house is built a lot faster than doing it from scratch.

Website builders are exactly like that – having “prefabricated” elements for the website. All you have to do is to put them together the way you want.

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But what if I like seeing code and customising things further?

Not to worry! Many modern website builders also allow you to tinker with the more advanced stuff. You can edit the CSS code to create the exact look and feel that you want. Some builders also give you a set of “shortcodes” that you can mix and match into your web pages. Each shortcode has a particular function, and it’s up to you to combine several of them to get the functionality you need.

But again, these functions are optional, only when you want to have more customisations. Building the core of the website will still be done using the graphical interface. Coding a website from scratch is really a thing of the past now. Which is a good thing for everyone.



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