Make Sure your Online Shop is Secured

Having a website for your UK online business is a necessity. It’s an online business after all. Your website is your advertising front, information hub, contact centre, and shop, all in one package. The shop is a very critical part, because it’s here that customers can order products and pay electronically. Of course, you’d want to keep their financial information safe from prying eyes.


Pay attention to your browser’s URL bar.

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In every site you visit, you can know if the site is secure or not. A clear indicator is an “https://” at the beginning of the URL. If it says https, information going through the site is secured. You’ll also see a green padlock icon in the URL bar.

If a site has https, it means it’s safe to type in passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. As it goes through the site, the information is encrypted (aka scrambled), so that anyone spying on the site won’t see the actual information.

This is especially important in your site’s shop, where people enter financial information when they order your products. A secured shop gives customers confidence in your site. Otherwise, they’d just turn away. For this reason, you’d really need to have https on your online shop.


“But my online shop doesn’t have https in it!”

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Not a problem. You may register for something called an SSL certificate; afterwards your shop will be secured and you’ll see the nifty “https” prefix, as well as that green padlock, that everyone is looking for. SSL certificates aren’t free though; you’ll have to pay for them. Costs depend on how much security you want to provide for your shop – the best ones can go upwards of £3,000 a year; but for small businesses, you can find ones as low as £10 a year.

If you’re looking for a good deal on SSL certificates, sites such as The SSL Store and SSL market can help you decide. Some providers can even set you up for https in just minutes. All you have to do is prove that you’re the owner of the site you want secured. Usually you can accomplish the process just through a few emails.

Once you’re done, your customers will now gain more confidence in transacting with your online shop, thanks to that green padlock next to it. More sales for you!


If you want another great way to secure yourself online, take a look at this video.


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