What is a side-hustle?

What is a Side-Hustle? 🤑💸💲💰

The concept of having a side-hustle is not something new. This is because as people experience an increase in the cost of living, they tend to find other ways of ramping up their income.

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Therefore, passive income is basically income that you can earn with little effort so as to grow your financial portfolio. Many at times this income can be generated on your free time which gives you an opportunity to work on other tasks.

If you want to get started on your side hustle and you are a newbie don’t worry below are some tips you can follow: 

-Find something that you are passionate about

-View your side as a potential income generating opportunity

-Be patient and persistent

-Dedicate some amount of time and stick to it.

Let us look at some of the home based business ideas that you can make a living out of it:

1) Handyman

This is a person who is skilled in home repairs, maintenance, plumbing fixing leaky taps and cisterns. You can make real money out of it because you just need to learn the technical skills that requires from it and can solve the problems. 

2) Online writing

Do you want to make a stable income through writing? Well, nowadays there are reputable organisations that are offering freelance writing and they pay well. Some of these fields include blogging services, educational content, SEO articles, business content and many more. Just search on Google and you’ll find out lots of them! 

3) Social media management

This is another field that you can make a good money. It includes three social media disciplines such as social engagement, analytics, and listening. You can learn and develop some of these skills and you will be paid for working. This is highly in-demand these days, so I suggest to start learning this skill! 

4) Bookkeeping

This is a systematic recording of financial transaction for a certain company. It is also a field that you can be paid by a decent amount of money to do bookeeping. Just make sure you have the skills and if they require licence, then you should be able to provide it. 

5) Drop shipping business

This is another massive field that you can generate good money. It involves having a store that sells products using a fulfillment service. Therefore, it is important to look for legit manufacturer or wholesalers and you will make your money without necessarily working for 40 hours a week.

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