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Why Should You Use Targeted Adverts?

In the internet age, advertising is more alive than ever. Online adverts are everywhere – in websites, inside of apps, in social media, and even in online video. But unlike before, the strategies today have changed a lot.

Back then, adverts were transmitted “across the board”. For example, if you ran an advert on the radio, you would pay several radio stations to air it, and everyone who listens to those stations would likely hear it. It doesn’t matter what jobs they have, what their preferences are, or where they lived. Everyone would hear it. Same principle goes for TV adverts.


Across-the-board adverts may have great reach, but it isn’t very cost-effective.

Suppose you have a TV advert about a weight loss food supplement. Clearly, not every single person that watches TV wants to lose weight. So those kinds of people will merely ignore the ad. Only a certain percentage of TV viewers will care about that product.

Just as an example, consider this. Say your advert ran on Channel 4. What if only 40% of Channel 4 viewers are concerned about losing weight? Then the advert is instantly lost on 60% of the viewers. In turn, that translates to a huge waste of advertising budget.

Contrast that to this situation: If the advert you ran were only shown to the 40% who cared about weight loss, then it would be much more cost-effective. This is the value of targeted adverts. The idea is you should focus your adverts on your target audience.

Thanks to the modern Internet, targeted adverts are not only possible, but also easier to do.

Take Facebook ads, for example. With the kind of information the social network has about its users, it allows you to select several factors, from age range to special interests. Facebook ads give you so many features you can use to fine-tune your adverts and only make it reach the right people. Another example is Google’s AdWords. It allows you to select proper keywords for your advert, so that only people searching for those keywords would see it. Other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. have their own customisable criteria for targeting. It’s all a matter of knowing your audience first.

So now, you can stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t reach your intended audience. Take advantage of targeted adverts instead, and you’ll be saving a whole lot. As a bonus, your adverts won’t be as annoying as non-targeted ones.


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Why Use Targeted Adverts?
Article Name
Why Use Targeted Adverts?
Thanks to the Internet, advertising is more alive than ever. But that also calls for a change in strategy. Here's how targeted adverts can work for you.

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