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Why work from home for someone else? When you could work for yourself?

Why work from home for someone else? When you could work for yourself?

Work for yourself, aka – your own home base business.


There’s a stack of home based business opportunities available. It’s very easy to find a work from home  business provided you know how….


1 – Start with yourself

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Okay, so you either have a lot of skills in a particular industry because you have worked in that industry a long time, or you have a hobby or pastime that you really enjoy and that you’re very good at. Or You know a lot about a subject simply because you have researched and learnt a lot about it. What subjects do you get excited about talking with your friends? What do people come to you for input or advice on? All these things will help to shape the ideas for your own home based business.


2 – Is there profit in any of my ideas?


So, take a look at that list of ideas; what on that list has the opportunity for you to start to build a business around? Don’t rule anything out at this stage, don’t prejudge or dismiss any opportunities that are the list, just because there’s already existing businesses doesn’t mean you can’t start one.


3 – How much will this cost me to start?


Some of your ideas may be cost prohibitive to start; perhaps some ideas require equipment you don’t yet have and would need to invest in. You certainly don’t want to take a loan out to start a home based business, always best to start small before investing in new capital equipment. Can you reuse any equipment in your house to avoid any expense? Maybe that ‘old’ cell phone, laptop, tool bench, kitchen? Think outside the box, be creative.


4 – Am I committed to work from home?

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You should have a short list now of possible home based business ideas. Now’s the time to purge the list, but not too violently.


Before we strikethrough any idea, take a look at the ones that appeal the most to you, again don’t prejudge or disregard any both them yet. This is the question on you; ask yourself this question for each one on the list:


This idea – am I committed to making a successful business from this, will I do what it takes, will I put real effort in to making a success, will I be prepared to sacrifice time and exercise delayed gratification to become successful?


Okay, now that you have done that for each of the business ideas, strikethrough the ideas you wouldn’t be committed to see through.


And now what’s next?

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Well I am going to make a drink, I’ll let you know what you should do with your shortlist of committed business ideas in my next article.


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