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Your Must Have 8 Essential Tools To Start Your Home Based Business

Here we are again, the end of yet another exciting week!

Hope yours has been as productive as mine!

If you’re new to this whole home based business idea and you’re still finding your feet, remember that it doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional real-world brick and mortar type business or an online one, in both cases the digital age pretty much forces us to have a presence online.

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With that said, and knowing how daunting it can be when first starting out, I thought I’d list 8 tools you can use in the first weeks of establishing your home-based business or your online presence to support your traditional one. Here goes…..

1 – Your own website domain and hosting using Hostgator

2 – An autoresponder (WTF is that? ) take a look at AWeber

3 – Squeeze Page / Optin page using the tool

4 – if you’re in e-commerce a shopping platform, you can use Shopify

5 – A Lead magnet ( pdf ebook creator) made using Designrr

6 – Video Production course; iPocket Video

7 – Helping hands; through freelancers/outsourcing  –  

8 – Confidence / motivation …..  ( )

Not that long an article today, it’s the weekend – take a chill pill, then start working on your future.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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